CD/DVD Sleeves & Pages

Your media discs get the ultimate in protection with our CD/DVD sleeves and pages! Made with sturdy materials that are durable enough to last as long as your CDs and DVDs. Can be added and removed easily to provide you with the exact number of sleeves needed to fit your media discs.

1-Disc CPP CD/DVD Sleeve with Flap
1-Disc CPP CD/DVD Sleeve with Flap


Poly/Woven CD/DVD Pages
1-disc Non woven CD/DVD sleeves

$0.17000   $0.11375

All Vinyl CD/DVD Pages
2-disc all vinyl CD/DVD sleeves

$0.19000   $0.16900

1-Disc Poly/Woven CD/DVD Pages
2-disc Partial Woven CD/DVD sleeves

$0.15000   $0.13213

All Woven CD/DVD Sleeves
2-disc Woven CD/DVD sleeves

$0.15000   $0.13213

Black Poly/Woven CD/DVD Pages
Black 2-disc Non woven CD/DVD sleeves